Manatees Motivational Gifts From Nature – Motivational WebTV #38

Motivational Gifts From Nature

Did you know that sometimes there are some really motivational examples from nature that have the capacity to really impact our lives?  I learned this is a very special way and I want to share such an example with you.  Here’s some video footage I dug up from a trip I took to Florida back in 2000.  It was a very special trip because I went to a place called Crystal River which is north of Tampa.  I went there during a January to try and see the manatees as they migrate from the ocean into the warmer waters of the Florida rivers.  The encounters I had with these manatees, which are an endangered species, were like motivational gifts from nature.

Manatees are marine mammals that are sometimes known as sea cows.  They are so docile and friendly, it was absolutely amazing to be in the water with them even if the water was freezing cold.  My encounters with them were priceless and I’m so glad that I got it all on video.

Now eleven years later, I’m finally releasing this video footage to the rest of the world for the very first time.  You will see that although manatees are not that pretty, they are still motivational gifts from nature.

You too can experience these special motivational gifts but you have to go down to Florida during the winter and to less travelled places like Crystal River.  And you will have to get into the freezing water – a wetsuit definitely helps.  This will be a form of comfort zone expansion for sure but again if you want to experience the most special things in life, you have to expand your comfort zones.

Motivational Gifts On Video

Here is the special video of these motivational gifts, the manatees.

I hope you like this special episode of Motivational WebTV with the manatees.  If you missed my scuba diving themed episodes including my dolphin dive, Stingray City and others, they are listed at my Motivational WebTV Archive.

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