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Theory Of Motivation

I can’t wait until the snow comes here in Canada because like many others, I’m just itching to get on the ski slopes.  So far there’s no sign of any snow yet but I’ve been recently reminded of a very important theory of motivation.

One of the ski schools I’ll be teaching for this winter will have 230 instructors on staff.  It is the third busiest ski school in Ontario and receive more skier visits per winter than any other of the highway 401 (the main highway that cuts across southern Ontario) corridor ski resorts here combined.

Although the ski season hasn’t started yet, the instructors have already started having their indoor training workshops which cover topics such as safety, organizing and managing classes, latest on ski equipment, etc.  Attending these workshops reminded me of something important in personal development.

Being With Like Minded People

The indoor training with all the other ski and snowboard instructors involved like minded people since we all want to be better at skiing or snowboarding as well as be better instructors.  It might come as surprising to some people but ski and snowboard instructors are always striving to improve themselves on the slopes.  Maybe that’s why they end up being able to ski or snowboard at their levels compared to the general public.

As a result of the preseason workshops when we were training together as a group, we were able to influence, inspire and motivate each other much better than if we were all training on our own at home.  When we got out of these sessions, we were totally pumped and ready for the upcoming ski season.

Important Theory Of Motivation For Achieving Success

This is an important theory of motivation for achieving success.  Some of our goals can be achieved much easier when we are with other like minded people.  This is especially true for challenging goals like those related to health and fitness such as losing weight.

Goals such as trying to break nasty habits like smoking are often very challenging, maybe even too challenging when attempting to achieve them on your own.  This is why being with like minded people is so important.

Here’s the latest Motivational WebTV episode where I talk about this important theory of motivation while modeling one of the new ski instructor uniforms I will be wearing this winter.

So what I would recommend is that you get in with other like minded people especially for some of your more challenging goals.  Going after such goals with other people will increase your chances of success.

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