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Lady Skydiving To Conquer Fears

In my ten years of teaching snow skiing, the students I teach usually say that when they are just starting to ski steeper slopes, it is the most adventurous thing they have done.  When I tell them that I’m also a scuba diver, they couldn’t believe that someone could be as adventurous as I am.  However, this past winter, one of my ski students shocked me with her amazing skydiving achievements.

This lady, Laura Hampton from the UK, was in Canada for a three month work assignment and one day during the winter, she took a ski lesson from me as part of a ski day.  Normally, I chat with my students on the chairlift to find out a bit more about them and that’s when I realize that the vast majority of these folks are spending time out on the slopes as their most adventurous activity to date.

Now when Laura told us that she’s a skydiver who has made nearly 500 jumps before the age of 25, I was honestly shocked.

Here’s somebody who has done something in the adventure world that has impressed the heck out of me as I’ve never been skydiving.  To me, skydiving is a far more extreme sport than either snow skiing or scuba diving.  And to have jumped out of airplanes 500 times at such a young age, well that is incredibly impressive.

Skydiver Video Interview

At that moment on the chairlift, the wheels in my mind were turning and I just knew that I had to get Laura for a video interview as part of my Motivational WebTV series.  It’s not often I get an opportunity to interview someone like Laura.

Fortunately, one week before she was scheduled to depart Canada back to her homeland, we were able to nail down a video shoot and here is the resulting episode.

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I hope we can all be inspired by Laura with her achievements and her attitude as she claims in the interview, that what scares us can be used as a strength.

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If you missed the last episode where I had my camcorder running while skiing down Stoneham Mountain, see it at Work Life Balance.

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  • Manoj Thakur

    Nice motivating, interview.

  • Yes, it’s always motivating to hear incredible people like her. Thanks for watching!