Karate World Champion’s Motivation Tips Threat Against Iron Chefs

Motivation Tips Threat

It’s incredible just how popular many of the food related shows on TV have become as suddenly over the past few years, we have celebrities who are chefs.  I think this is great since we can now tie in some motivation tips from that arena for our own lives even if we are not big time chefs ourselves.  Here is a Karate World Champion’s threat agains the Iron Chefs of America, Gordon Ramsey and all the other top Food Network TV chefs.  Actually, it’s just my attempt at showing one of my lunch salad recipes as one of my health motivation tips on the next episode of Motivational WebTV.

Of course, this is all in fun while emphasizing an important success principle at the same time.  You might like my salad recipe or think it’s gross but at least it works for me in keeping me healthy.

I’m not much of a cook, hate grocery shopping and don’t like to take the time to cook either.  So this exercise is very much an example of one of my personal comfort zone expansions.  So the Iron Chefs and Gordon Ramsey do not have to worry about me advancing into their territories.  However, this is one of my top health motivation tips for keeping trim.

Health Motivation Tips On Video

Here’s the episode as I turn my kitchen into a TV kitchen for Motivational WebTV;

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If you know of others who will be entertained and educated by this video with one of my secret health motivation tips, please share it with them.  All past episodes of Motivational WebTV are available as well. As you might be able to tell, I’m having a lot of fun producing these videos and I hope that you are getting something out of them.  I’m going to try and pump out a new episode each week with more motivation tips if I can so things will be going at a good rate here.

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  • Heather Smedley

    I think this looks pretty good Clint! How about adding, either mixed in or on the side, slices of orange or apple? Or a handful of raisins? Still no cooking required and if you use the raisins, no prep either 🙂

  • Oh, more to cut up and slice?? Remember, I’m a guy who doesn’t like to take the time – hahaha. Actually, great ideas Heather. By habit, I eat an apple after lunch and share bits of it with my dogs as a brief noon training session with them. The orange is also an after dinner thing for me pretty well daily. Raisins are a good idea, except I have to buy them – hahaha. I think I need a wife!

  • great dish. going to show this to my mom, maybe we can try this recipe out for a lunch or something

  • Susan V

    I appreciate this episode. I love all the art work that you have to offer, so if appreciation counts, then you have that from us.
    I like wilted lettuce ie Romaine in miso soup and also you can juice lettuce combined with other ingredients to fortify yourself.
    Personally I love a ceasar salad !! That’s basically what you made.

  • That’s right, a modified Cesear salad with tuna and peanut butter, without the rich dressing.

  • Sure, why not? It’s another way to use that tuna. Thanks for viewing everyone!

  • margaret lanksch

    looks very interesting, I am very fond of salads,never thought of adding peanut butter, which I love, will definately try your salad, thanks . marg.

  • Patricia Taylor

    Hi Clint, your salad does not appeal to me and it is overloaded with protein which is fine for you being a karate expert and doing lots of exercise. I prefer what I call a Greek salad but it is nothing like a Greet salad except for the feta cheese and olives. I just put in every vegetable I have such as lettuce, tomato, green pepper, zuccini, celery and radish. I add feta cheese and olives and croutons. Then I mix up VE (Victorian Epicure) Greek salad mix with lots of vinegar and a little olive oil and some dry mustard. I either add fruit to the salad or eat fruit after – whatever I have available. Practically anything goes.

    Yes, lots of washing and chopping or tearing but it is delicious! Since you probably want extra protein, add a couple of boiled eggs! I love this salad and eat it about 3 times per week. I also eat caesar salad for variety.

    I’d call your salad a man’s salad. Cheers!

  • You hit it right on the nail there Patricia – my salad was designed to be an extremely quick dish that provides me with the fuel I need without adding on the blubber. Your recipe sounds great – too much work for me but if you ever put a plate in front of me, I’ll certainly gobble it up!

  • Off topic, sorry, but has anyone seen the American version of Masterchef with Gordon Ramsey? It’s just started here. They have ruined the format. The Australian version is MUCH better. (As was the British version). Really disappointing!

  • Right on!

  • “Todays headlines come from Gordon Ramsay.” ……sorry, couldn’t resist that one 🙂

  • Maria

    Peanut butter in a salad – definitely will try this recipe . And definitely hoping to see more motivational cooking videos !

  • Thanks Maria – I’ll have to come up with more recipes!