Japan Disaster Plus Vancouver Riots Together For Personal Improvement

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Paul Trafford

For Your Personal Improvement

I just got published in Pick The Brain, which is one of the biggest and most popular personal improvement blogs out there.  I wrote an original article for them where I talk about both the Japan disaster and the recent Vancouver riots together to illustrate aspects of emotional intellence or EQ as it is sometimes known.

I won’t duplicate the article here since it’s only right for Pick The Brain to retain the publishing right so check it out at Emotional Intelligence World Events.  It’s a rare opportunity to read about two very different world events that demonstrated two completely polar opposite responses in terms of emotional intelligence.

Of course since the overall objective is still to help out our personal improvement, there are very important lessons there to be learned from both world events.  It’s a real honour (honor for my US readers) to be published in such an important blog such as Pick The Brain and I hope that their readers will get something out of the article I contributed for them.

Share Personal Improvement Lessons

Much like over here on my own blog, Pick The Brain has comments sections and buttons to social media such as Facebook and Twitter for sharing.  I would encourage you to use them since blogs are meant to be interactive.  And in the case of emotional intelligence or EQ, most of us can probably benefit from more exposure on the topic so please forward the article to others.

If you missed my last episode of Motivational WebTV on this same subject of personal improvement, check it out at Video Definition of Emotional Intelligence and leave your comments there too.

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