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Personal Growth On Ski Slope

When I taught a group of adult first time skiers this winter during a Saturday night at Glen Eden (a small ski area near me), one of the students was Marguerite Orane, a lady I first connected with on Facebook.  It was that evening we met in person for the first time and it was interesting that the circumstance to finally meet one of my online connections was to introduce her to the new world of snow skiing.

Marguerite, originally from the tropical island of Jamaica and a mother of teenage children, is not exactly someone many people would imagine getting on a ski slope since there is no snow back in that Caribbean nation and most adults tend to be quite shy in trying new sports out, especially one like downhill skiing.  However, she wanted to get more out of the Canadian winter and when she learned through Facebook that I was running a Discover Ski program this winter, she jumped at the chance.

She ended up liking her first time experience so much that she has come out for another two ski outings (full day ski trips at Mt St Louis) since the writing of this post.  She is now in the market to acquire ski equipment for herself rather than renting gear at the ski resorts.

Learn To Embrace Winter In Order To Make It Positive

Up here in Canada, we have 3 to 4 months of cold winters and many people here hate winter.  They hate the cold temperatures and the snow.  But as you already know, I happen to LOVE winter since I’m a die-hard snow skier who gets 50 to 70 ski days per season.

What I tell many of the winter-hating folks is that the key to tolerating and even liking winter is to find activities that one can enjoy only during the sold season. This way, one will look forward to the winter months each year rather than dread them.

If one does not find any such activities, one will end up hating 3 to 4 months each year for as long as he or she is living in Canada, the northern USA or any other winter region in the world.

To me, that’s NO way to live.

After all, why would one want to live in a place where 3 to 4 months each year is just dreadful?

Marguerite probably realized this so she decided to try out snow skiing and she did it the right way by getting professional instruction.  As a result, she experienced the personal growth on the ski slopes that many other people including Canadian born citizens, have not yet experienced.

Here she is in action as part of the new episode of Motivational WebTV.

Note that in this video, this is only Marguerite’s third time ever on skis.  I’m quite proud of her and honoured to be her ski instructor who showed her a new way to enjoy the Canadian winter.

Other Winter Activities To Explore

In addition to snow skiing, there are many other winter activities to explore.  These include cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding or tobogganing, snow shoeing, ice fishing or snowmobiling.  All of these activities could lead to a fully enjoyment of winter.

Even those of you who live in warm tropical climates could try to embrace the winter by vacationing in a winter destination for a change.  You might be surprised just how much fun it is in addition to experience a very unique type of personal growth.  I’ve bumped into ski vacationers from Mexico and Israel during past winter vacations to the Rockies.

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  • Skyy

    Hey Clint,
    good work on getting immigrants that did not come from countries with winter sport onto to skiing.You are making a difference! Great job on making those lessons affordable!

  • You are welcome Skyy. Let’s ski that snow while it’s still there!