Inspired By Canadian Figure Skater At Olympics

I watched Joanne Rochette, figure skater from Canada compete in the finals last night at the ladies event in the Olympics.  I was totally inspired by her determination and courage.  Four days before her first skate, her mother suddenly died of a heart attack while in Vancouver.  Joanne decided to continue with the competition.  She could have easily withdrew given the tragic circumstances.  After her first skate, she came in 3rd position.

After the finals last night, although her skate wasn’t perfect and nowhere near the performance of the Korean girl who took gold (now that was a flawless skate), Joanne still managed to win a bronze medal as the world and her father watched.

Of course she broke down a few times after her performances which is expected but before and during her skates, she was right down to business.  Now that’s focus and courage again.  Totally inspiring!

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  • Well, got to say that i watched at a couple of great matches the last days. But i have to comment that it is not said the guys with the leaf shall win that easy from the USA. Again Canada won with some luck tonight from Slovakia. The US will be winning sunday with 5-0! Another thing: Crosby! Get a smile on your face man!