Scary But Very Inspirational Video

Very Inspirational Video

Here’s a really scary but very inspirational video of a mountain climber named Ueli Steck who scaled a summit called Eiger in record time.  The video footage itself is just breathtaking.  You can see just how insignificant and tiny a human is when on the side of such mountain peaks.  You also sit there in awe when you see just how imposing the mountains really are – at least I did.

I was trying to figure out whether all of the camera work was done by a helicopter crew or if there was another climber up there with him.  That must be even scarier to manage a camera on that mountain slope.  I didn’t see any high wind from a helicopter which would have affected the climber but maybe they used a very high zoom lens then.

Inspirational Video Has Some Life Lessons

What I get from this inspirational video are some key life lessons.  In order to be successful, you have to go for it and not get stuck on a mountain.  You also have to work past through your fears and just keep going.

Although this inspirational video does not mean that we all have to start climbing mountains like that, it does suggest that we can all do better at something that we may have thought impossible before, even if at a safe ground level.

Although it would be neat, but I’m certainly not about to do an episode of my Motivational WebTV series from a mountain slope like that!

Here is the inspirational video;

Comments About This Inspirational Video Welcome

Please do share your comments about this inspirational video below.  I’m sure that you must have some type of feeling after watching it.  Also, what do you think would be the take away point for yourself after watching this inspirational video?

I’ve added my thoughts already so now it’s your turn.

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