Inspirational Speaker Reveals One Of The Best Motivation Techniques

Inspirational Speaker Motivation Techniques

As an inspirational speaker, I feel that I should share what works for me so that others can benefit as well.  One of the best motivation techniques I know is to be exposed to people who are better at what you want to get good at.  For example, this past weekend, I took a group of nine skiers from the Toronto area to Quebec for a short ski holiday trip.  We went to Mt Tremblant which is in the Laurentians region about 1.5 hours north of Montreal.  Then the next day, we went to a place called Mt Olympia which is in the same area but about 45 minutes north of Montreal.

I pointed out some really good skiers on the slopes to my ski students while sitting on the chairlift.  I could tell which skiers below were had really good ski technique while which ones didn’t.  I could also tell which skiers were still skiing with ‘old school’ ski technique with their feet close together and which ones were skiing with modern ski technique which involves feet further apart and a lot more edging with the skis.  I pointed all of these examples to my ski students.

Once my students can visually see the differences among the skiers below, I hope that the better ones on the slopes inspired my students.  Watching others do things with ease and grace like the really good skiers who had decent technique is really  one of the best motivation techniques in order to get better on the slopes.  That’s the inspirational speaker part of me coming out on the ski slopes.

Motivation Techniques Work For This Inspirational Speaker Too

On the second day of skiing, we saw one particular local skier who had the most graceful turns on the slopes.  It was a real pleasure to watch this guy go down the slopes.  It was almost like ballet on snow.  His skiing certainly inspired this inspirational speaker as well.  Needless to say, such motivation techniques work for me too.  My skiing is good but I don’t think I’m nearly as graceful as this guy we saw.

I was inspired to get better to hopefully ski like this fellow someday.  I would think that if this guy was a ski instructor, he would be at a pretty high level, maybe a CSIA level 3 or even 4, which is the highest in our Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance system.  If you missed my previous video showing the Level 4s on the slopes, see it at Inspirational Movies of Skiing.  They are really beautiful to watch even if you are not a skier.

So the lesson here is if you want to get good at something, make sure that you are exposed to people who are already really good at that something.  Let them inspire you as part of the key motivation techniques you can use for yourself.

I hope that my Motivational WebTV series will also turn out to be worthwhile for you as once again, my role as an inspirational speaker is to expose some good motivation techniques for you future episodes.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: PierrickBlons

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