Inspirational Short Stories Were Real Life

Inspirational Short Stories

My book ‘The Life Champion In You‘ was an absolute pleasure to write because not only did I cover important concepts of effective personal development, but I used many inspirational short stories to illustrate these concepts in action.  These examples were real life which made them that much more compelling.

Some of these stories were well known but most of them were centered around people you will not have heard of before.  They are everyday people just like you and I who did some amazing things in their lives so far.  They inspire the rest of us with what they did.

Inspirational Short Stories Soon On Video

Some of these inspirational short stories came to my book as a result of personal interviews I did with these people.  I interviewed them, interpreted their views to make their philosophies available for everyone else who reads my book or listens to the audio version of ‘The Life Champion In You‘.

Soon, there will be an exciting development as I visit some of these people profiled in my book again to shoot some new video interviews with them.  Therefore, these inspirational short stories will come to life very soon as I use video footage for future episodes of my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV show in 2011.

They will more or less be my future guests in Motivational WebTV which is something I did start this year in 2010 when I profiled actress Tali Brady in one of my episodes.  The future guest spots will feature a similar format where I have video of these individuals in action as well as a sit-down interview with me where they can enlighten all of us.

So in the meantime if you haven’t read ‘The Life Champion In You’ yet, see more details of it at my books and audio section at my website.   These are stories which will inspire you as they did with me.

'A Dip at Dusk', Australia, Darwin, Mindrel Beach, Sunset
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