Inspirational Short Stories Example Motivation Video – Motivational WebTV #35

Inspirational Short Stories Motivation Video

We can always use some more inspiration in our lifes and actually there are great sources everywhere you look if you keep your eyes open right in your own community.  This is what happened on my end and I want to share it with you.  I love hearing about ordinary people achieving success in various aspects of life.  These are inspirational short stories that can motivate all of us in our own lives.  For this latest motivation video episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV, I decided to feature another special guest and actually my second guest interview in this series.

You might recall that some time back, I had interviewed Fringe Festival actress and playwrite Tali Brady for my first ever episode with a special guest.  If you missed that motivation video, see it at Tali Brady interview.

Immigrant Takes Up Snow Skiing

In this new episode of Motivational WebTV, my special guest is Shouvik Chowdhury, orginally from India where according to him, the region he lived in never had temperatures falling below 10 degrees Celcius during the winter.  Therefore, his experience with snow was pretty well zero until he came to Canada eight years ago.

Recently, he decided to take up snow skiing despite his inexperience with snow (at least for fun) and the lack of those in his social circle who wanted to join him in this new endeavor.  But he didn’t let those drawbacks stop him.

We will hear about his interesting inspirational short stories as he talks about the various challenges he faced in taking up snow skiing as well as how he managed to overcome them.  He also goes into how this new sporting activity has changed him as a person in general and how it has impacted other areas of his life.

Let’s listen to this interesting inspirational short stories example in this new motivation video;

I hope that all of us will be inspired by Shouvik’s story even if snow skiing is not in the future plans because it’s his process of overcoming some personal challenges where we can learn from.  We just have to apply the same principles that Shouvik used in order to achieve success in other parts of life.  I hope to bring you more inspirational short stories in the future.

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