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Inspirational Scuba Dive

I went on a trip to La Paz located in the Baja region of Mexico recently and my main objective was to scuba dive with the sea lions. This was a long planned trip to a rather pricey destination but it did not disappoint.

But in addition to the sea lions, I ended up with several very inspirational moments including one very special one during my final dive day in La Paz. This was a dive where I had my best sea turtle encounter ever.

I have seen sea turtle before on previous scuba dives elsewhere but they are usually at a distance and they don’t stay around for too long. On this particular dive, one of the other divers in my group caught my attention after spotting a sea turtle that was almost right underneath us as most of the divers in our group initially missed it.

I immediately grabbed our divemaster’s fin to alert him since he missed the turtle as well. Then I approached the turtle and laid on the ocean bottom. To our surprise, this turtle did not swim away upon our approach. Instead, it just stayed in place watching us for a few minutes.

Afterwards, it did finally swim up to the ocean surface probably to get a breath of fresh air as our divemaster caught everything on video as shown below.

Need Commitment For Inspirational Experiences Like This

This sea turtles encounter was very inspirational for me since it was a close up experience with nature at its best. I felt honoured to be there and it reminded me that not very many people in this world will ever get to experience what our group just did in real life.

However, inspirational experiences such as this sea turtle encounter is accessible for many more people out there. One must make certain commitments to get there.

If one is not a scuba diver yet, then a certification course is required in order to become a certified scuba diver. Then one must make the commitment to go on scuba diving trips to dive waters where such beautiful creatures live, irregardless of whether any of your friends or family members are interested in diving or not.

And if you cannot swim, then obviously a big commitment is required in order to learn how to swim which is a definite prerequisite to taking the scuba diving certification course. So it’s really a matter of whether you are willing to make such commitments or not. If you want inspirational experiences like this which most people in this world will never get, you have to do what is necessary in the form of big commitments in order to get there.

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