Inspirational Sayings By The Great One And Benjamin Franklin

#motivational #inspirational  —  This month’s Motivational Quotes Success Newsletter (which comes out once per month) focused on one of the inspirational sayings by Benjamin Franklin.  In fact, the actual quote was;

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

It’s a bit harsh but is in fact a very practical inspirational quote and the July edition of my Motivational Quotes Success Newsletter got into it deeper into how it can be applied to your own life.

The new editions of this newsletter comes out only at the beginning of each month and only to my free subscribers since it’s delivered by email.  It you missed any editions, you will have to wait until the end of each month, long after everyone else has already seen it, before you can access the same newsletter.

I post each month’s edition near the end of each month just before I send out the new edition to my free subscribers.  So the July issue of Motivational Quotes Success Newsletter is finally up at my website where you can see how we used Benjamin Franklin’s quote for our lives.

The August issue is already written and will be sent out to my free subscribers next week at the beginning of the month.  This issue will feature one of the inspirational sayings of none other than the Great One, number 99 — Wayne Gretzky.  Yes, he did actually have some nice motivational quotes.

We’ll dive into one of his quotes and explore how we can use it for our own lives.  It will be a very interesting application indeed.  But again, you have to be a free subscriber in order to get this newsletter in a timely manner as it is delivered only via email.  It won’t be posted online anywhere until the very end of August and I don’t think you would want to wait that long.

So if you are not a free subscriber to my Motivational Quotes Success Newsletter yet, just do so at the blog sidebar on your left or at the Free Stuff tab of my Motivation Facebook page.  Each issue will have different inspirational sayings as well as their possible applications for your life which is absent in most postings of such quotes.

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