Inspirational Movies Of Skiing For Self Growth

My Ski Instructor Activities Include Self Growth

Let’t talk about inspirational movies of a different sort today.  I’m a snow skier and actually a certified ski instructor through the Canadian Ski Instructors Association (CSIA).  Officially, I’m a level 2 instructor and I teach ski students to help them out on the slopes as a social activity.  Although I have my share of eager students, it’s always interesting to hear some other skiers say that they don’t need any ski lessons, particularly if they have already been skiing for a number of years.

Some even go as far as saying that they can go down a ‘black diamond’ hill which is a fairly steep hill usually for advanced to expert level skiers.  However, often when I see such skiers, I can tell right away just how flawed their ski techniques are.

I also tell them something that they often do not expect to hear.  I tell them that even as a level 2 certified ski instructor, I still take lessons every single winter for myself.  They are often shocked by this statement but it should prove a point.  There’s always room for improvement and much more to learn even for us certified ski instructors.  I take special training sessions with senior level 4 instructors which I look forward to each season.  It’s part of my own self growth.

Inspirational Movies Of Skiing

There are new ski movies each year which show extreme skiing at spectacular scenery like the Warren Miller movies.  However, one of the most inspirational movies I’ve seen is a video showing some of our level 4 ski instructors in action.  They really are the ‘ski gods’ of Canada.

Below is the video I’m referring to as it shows what the level 4 ski instructor standard is as far as skiing technique goes.

This analogy of course is also true for other areas of life as well.  There are always more to learn in other areas as well.  In fact, one should never stop learning since doing that will put a stop to self growth.

I hope you enjoyed this example of inpirational movies of skiing whether you happen to be a skier or not.  I have a few episodes of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV that has skiing content in them.  Just go to the motivational tv archive at my website and see a few of the earlier episodes.

Skiers ascending on a mountain
Creative Commons License photo credit: mcsdwarken

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