I Want Your Input To Help Me Decide

I want your input to help me decide on something.  

I’m thinking that most of you will now prefer watching video rather than reading text so if this is the case, I am willing to turn my text newsletter into another video episode of Motivational WebTV.  But I need some confirmation from my readers/viewers if this is the best route to take.

Could you take 3 seconds and take this quick poll?  I value your opinion since I want to do the best for my readers/viewers.  I will summarize the results and this will help me decide on what to do for next month and on.

Thanks in advance!


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  • Michael Pastien

    I like both video & text 🙂

  • Dear friend of mine,
    I work in sales and according to the statistic available to Canadapost, still around 79% of Canadians prefer to receive the news by mail and in your case it must mean “reading”.

  • My readers and viewers are international so I’m going to see what the poll results are. Should be interesting!

  • Rob Belsby

    I prefer text messaging.

  • Liz

    I prefer both text and video.

  • Veselka

    I prefer text,but video is also ok for me.

  • dipankar

    i prefer text newsletter.

  • Suale

    Hi professor,it is a pleasure for me to receive all your
    updates;videos or text newsleter are all welcome to me.
    wish you all the best.

  • Thanks for your replies everyone. I hope you all still did the quick poll. That’s where we will capture all the results. I think they will be quite interesting.

  • …..

    I like both newsletters and videos

    Thanks for everything Clint Cora! You have really changed my life and made me a better person.

    One person can make a difference =)

  • pascal

    hi prof, i prefer watching videos. i think it’s easier that way. all the best

  • Suella Postles

    I suspect that the text may prevail, if only because it can be printed and saved. Thus it can be used anywhere, can be read and reread at one’s own speed and doesn’t need the computer for accessing.

    The videos are also motivational, but text gets my vote.

    We each learn differently.

  • HEY CLINT:-)

    i love your new idea of videos a think its amazin!!!
    it will certainly do well.
    texts or videos-if its coming from a person of your caliba its undoubtedly
    going to be a success.

    you have certainly inspired me!and i am sure everyone else as well


  • Emmanuel

    I sincerely appreciate your innovation. But we in Africa experience poor internet services and would sometime not open at all.

    I would suggest you keep both text and the video. I love you.

  • margaret lanksch

    Hi, really love everything you send . & look forward to videos. lost my husband 4 wks ago & your messages really help me cope with lifes reallities & let me know there are still things worth living for. thanks again , keep on with your inspirational messages.Marg.

  • My thoughts are with you Margaret. Make sure that you cast your vote officially.

  • On my computer, I cannot display video recordings.

    I can display only text and still graphics (GIF and JPG).

    I you use video, I would need to cancel the subscription.

  • Rida Lodi

    i think that most of the people will go for videos as people don’t generally feel like reading text all the time, and watching videos will be more interesting.
    love you.
    thank you for every thing you have always been there when i needed motivation.