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Scuba Diving Certification

If you’ve been following my Motivational WebTV videos for some time (thank you by the way!), then you probably caught one of my scuba diving videos where I showed you actual footage from some of my exciting dives with dolphins, sharks, stingrays and manatees.  If you missed any of them, catch them all at My Scuba Diving Videos.

I had decided to shoot one more episode of Motivational WebTV by poolside before the outdoor pool season closed earlier this month.  So this new episode was one of the videos I had already shot, edited and saved until now.  In this short video, I talk about the certification course that one must take in order to become a certified scuba diver, which will be a requirement for any active exploration of our wonderful coral reefs.

The scuba diving certification course involves classroom work to learn about diving in general as well as safety and pool sessions where you start using the actual techniques and skills in the water with full scuba gear.  To finish off your certification, what’s known as ‘open water’ dives are required which are dives out in a lake, river or ocean (rather than in a pool).

Here’s the short video.

If you have been inspired by any of my scuba diving videos and would love to experience what I have in the ocean, then by all means, you can.  You just have to get certified as a scuba diver by taking the course.  Then to enjoy a fuller range of diving, you can take further courses such as Advanced Scuba Diver and Rescue Scuba Diver.  I went all the way to Master Scuba Diver through the NAUI system (other systems include PADI, CMAS, SSI).

The underwater world is a magical one where only a very small percentage of the world’s population will ever get to see it in person.  But all it takes is getting certified as a scuba diver – well, learning to swim first before becoming a diver.  With so many adult swimming courses out there, this route is definitely feasible if you have the will to learn and train for it.

Also, as mentioned in the video, see my Scuba Dive Adventurer designs on t-shirts and tank tops at another website for scuba diving activewear (there’s also martial arts designs there too).

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