How Can You Break The Ice In Social Diversity?

Social Diversity

During my workplace diversity training presentation this morning to an executive networking group, one of the questions I asked the audience was how can they break the ice in social diversity.  In other words, what skills or unique facts about you as a person, can you use to help develop better business relationships with people who are different from you.

Using My Own Social Diversity Example

In my own social diversity case as an example, I use the fact that I’m Asian and love to introduce other people to real authentic Chinese food rather than the usual fast food chicken balls – sweet and sour type of Chinese food we usually see out there.  When I invite people to experience real Chinese food, the activity helps me build great relationships with others.

This is one of the key elements in being successful in this diverse working environment since career success is proportional to the type of business relationships you have with others.  So ask yourself again, what do you have as a person that you can use to help bridge cultural gaps with others in social diversity?

It doesn’t matter whether you are considered ethnic or non-ethnic where you are located.  As long as you are different from somebody else, there is some social diversity involved.  So in my mind, diversity training is for ethnics and non-ethnics alike.

See my overall Speaking Programs to see what type of presentations I have available for your audiences.  My website will have different videos including some episodes of Motivational WebTV involving social diversity for your education and entertainment as well.

social diversity training
Creative Commons License photo credit: Asian Art Museum

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