Got Quoted In Diversity Article Of College Magazine

I was quoted in a diversity feature for Fuel Inc magazine which is distributed to college and university students, especially for those graduating and about to enter the workforce. ¬†Although it’s an article aimed at minority students, I think everyone else would be able to benefit from some of the advice given too. ¬†See the actual PDF of this article at Diversity Magazine Article.

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  • I just had to post and say I love the article and wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

  • Thanks for reading the article and Seasons Greetings to you too.

  • I have made it my new years resolution so I am trying to stick with it.Adored the post.

  • That’s great! If anybody needs more help on making their New Years resolutions happen, here’s my article on the topic at

  • Is there a way to have info mailed out to me referring to this?

  • Apart from downloading the PDF file, if you want more, you would have to contact the magazine Fuel Inc. directly.