Getting Up As Early Morning Riser Part Of Action Plan?

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I’m not a morning person by nature as I hate getting up early. I hate getting up early to catch morning flights. The only thing I don’t like about snow skiing and scuba diving is getting up early in the morning to get the best snow or catch the dive boat. I had a speaking engagement today at a Rotary club that meets for breakfast at 7 am and just dreaded getting to bed by 10 pm the night before just so I could be awake by 6 am. But the talk ended up great with a wonderful, energetic audience. This leads to a question. Is getting up as an early morning riser part of your action plan?

This was not the first morning group I’ve spoken at since I’ve done a few of these in the past year. I did miss one because of car trouble but the rest of them that I did make always ended being good talks too. There were always much more people than I had ever expected at a morning meeting and everyone was usually in a great mood. It wasn’t ever one of those groups where people are still half awake and would rather go back to sleep.

I also ended up selling a good amount of books and CD audio programs at every morning talk I’ve ever done too. Before today, I sort of decided that I wasn’t going to do anymore of these breakfast meetings but after considering how well each of them went, maybe I should do more of them as they come my way.

During winters, I make a point of leaving my house by 6:30 am to get up to the ski slope by 9 in order to catch the best snow of the day. I never regret it once I’m on my first ski run of the day. The routine of getting to bed early in order to start my ski day with the best possible snow had become part of my regular winter action plan but this schedule reverts back to ‘normal’ after the ski season is over.

I’ve seen benefits in getting up early for other activities too.  I notice the same with scuba diving. Once I’m in the water, I’m grateful to have started my day so early.

I also do get quite a bit of work done when things are still relatively quiet in the early morning. Traffic outside (cars and people) is still low since most folks are probably still eating breakfast or still in bed. I tend to focus better too.

Maybe Brian Tracy has a good point when since he is a huge advocate of getting up early each day before everyone else – by the way, click on the link to learn more about Brian Tracy and his programs. This is part of his success tips. So I wonder if I should make a commitment to become an early morning riser as part of my own action plan from now on.

I know that it’s quiet at late at night too and at times, I have been able to get quite a lot of work done as a night owl too. But I have to admit that most days, by nighttime, I really don’t feel like working and I’m usually quite tired too. So perhaps it’s time to make that switch as an early riser permanent.

So early morning breakfast groups – if you still need a keynote speaker, I’m still willing to do talks during these time slots.  What about you? Do you consider getting up early to be part of your action plan for success? Feel free to leave your comments in my blog below.

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