Free Self Help Development Personal Growth Guide

Free Self Help Personal Growth Guide

I’ve been making my free self help World Champion Personal Growth Guide available for anybody who wants it at my motivational speaker website.  Now that I have access to Final Cut video editing software, I decided to shoot a brand new video to replace the original one that talked about this nice little free self help development resource.

I shot it this weekend since I had the luxury of nice sunlight coming through my windows (which has actually been an uncommon occurence these wintery days).  Did the editing on Final Cut Express which is so far, a slower process compared to if I used iMovie, the usual Apple software program I use for editing videos.

The quality however is much better with Final Cut compared to iMovie and since I plan on keeping this video for some time, I wanted to put up a better quality video than the original.  I uploaded the new video and now it’s on my motivational speaker website as well as the sidebar of this blog (a smaller screen version of course).

Self Help Development In Variety Of Areas

If you don’t have my free self help World Champion Personal Growth Guide yet, it covers a variety of areas for your self help development including health, fitness, diet, stress management, dealing with different people and much more.  I also mention about my monthly Motivational Quotes Success Newsletter as well as alerts to new episodes of my Motivational WebTV series.

Here is the new video in a larger screen version.  Of course, pretend that the position of the video itself on this webpage is at the sidebar since I’m pointing at the signup boxes meant to be below the video.

Even if you already have my World Champion Personal Growth Guide already, I hope you will see my new video anyway and maybe share it with some of your friends who could benefit from this free self help development resource.

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