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Free Inspiration

Inspiration is always a good thing especially when you can get it for free.  One of the personal development resources I offer on a regular basis as a source of free inspiration of course is my Clint Cora Motivational Videos WebTV show. These are motivational videos that are produced pretty well on a weekly basis.  The episodes cover a variety of motivational topics as well as some diversity content.

You will be able to see interesting episodes using locations from my travels such as California and Cuba to some pretty exciting activities like scuba diving with dolphins and stingrays.  Martial arts and fitness components will also be used on a regular basis since they fit my personality.

Motivational Videos To Resume In 2011

Right now, there is a 2010 recap that shows scenes from the more interesting motivational videos that were released so for this year.  This particular episode is also my Season’s Greetings show and will be the current episode at my Clint Cora website for the last two weeks of December.

New shows are being shot as we speak and the newly finished motivational videos will start airing after the New Year in 2011.  They will have more free inspiration to help you get a great start for the new year.

If you missed any of the past 30 episodes aired so far this year, you can catch all of them at my motivational videos archive which is a single webpage listing all the shows by main topic and episode number.  Each link will quickly take you to the episode as well as any accompanying text that went along with the video footage.

So for five to eight minutes of your time each week, you can get a nice helping of free inspiration through my Motivational WebTV show.  It’s a pretty good deal and if you like what you see, please share them with your friends.

Paradise of South India - Kovalam Free Inspiration
Creative Commons License photo credit: Karthick R

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