Fitness Instructor Personal Trainer Talks About Personal Growth

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Thomas Wall, a fitness instructor personal trainer from Orangeville, Ontario Canada attended my motivational talk named after my book The Life Champion In You recently when I visited his town. He related the important principles from my presentation to personal growth.

Thomas is in a field that is complementary to mine since helping people with fitness is also a part of the overall personal development area. So I can see why he immediately zeroed in on the personal growth aspects from my talk.

Here is Thomas captured on video making a few comments after hearing my motivational talk up in Orangeville.

It’s always great to see motivated individuals like Thomas in the industry to help out others on fitness.  As a fitness instructor, he can conduct group training in classes and as a personal trainer, he can help out those who like more one on one training with their physical fitness.

Where I fit in is give the overall success principles people can use on a daily basis with not only their physical fitness, but in any area they want to improve in.

Actually, what I do in some detail in my book The Life Champion In You as well as its audio version available now in a four-CD kit, is go into my own physical fitness routines.  I offer readers a glimpse into what I do in order to stay healthy and fit over the years.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time to cover this area on fitness during any of my live motivational talks but at least this type of personal development information is available in the book and audio program.

I also cover fitness as part of my free World Champion Personal Growth Guide that is available either through the sidebar of this blog or the Free Stuff tab on my motivation Facebook page.   People from all over the world have already downloaded a copy of this guide.

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