First Muslim Pro Hockey Player Great For Teaching Diversity

#nhl #muslim #islam #islamic #hockey #diversity  —  Since the NHL hockey team Toronto Maple Leafs needed help in a big way, they called up their first round draft pick Nazim Kadri from their farm team the Toronto Marlies.  Kadri made both sports and multicultural headlines last year when he became the first ever hockey player with a Muslim background to be drafted by a professional hockey team.  This is great for teaching diversity.

During the beginning of this season, Kadri played a few exhibition games but was thought by the Toronto Maple Leafs coaching staff to lack experience to get a full time slot on the NHL team.  They wanted him to develop further with their farm team the Marlies.

First Muslim Hockey Player Called Up

However, the Leafs have been having some really bad problems on the ice (as usual) losing too many games again.  So the coaching staff decided that they needed to reinforce the team with Kadri right now.  This made Nazim Kadri a full time Toronto Maple Leaf which will gain him even more exposure both among the Muslim community and non-Muslim communities alike.

Nazim Kadri Great Example For Teaching Diversity

I like this example for teaching diversity in two ways.  First, it shows the world, especially in North America where professional hockey is popular, to begin to let go of the stereotypical views of Muslims, who have been given a really bad rap due to the international conflicts.  Here is a Muslim who made it to the professional level of a sport that many North Americans and others worldwide, love.

Secondly, it also shows Muslims that they don’t have to stay within their own lifestyles either which traditionally did not include winter sports like hockey.  It shows that if one has the determination, they can achieve great things even if they were not traditionally part of their culture.  Hopefully, Muslim parents can no longer tell their children that they are not cut out to play hockey just because it wasn’t something in their culture before.

Positive things from teaching diversity often help both ethnics and non-ethnics alike.  So my hats off to Nazim Kadri and his supportive family for even being brave enough to venture into a territory that was new to the Muslim community.   The Toronto Maple Leafs need all the help they can get.  Now if only they can win some games.

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