Facebook Pages Becoming Interactive

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It’s interesting how my various Facebook pages are becoming more interactive, especially much more so than compared to my pages on Twitter or LinkedIn. In fact, I really appreciate the interaction on both my Facebook pages as well as my blogs.

I have also become much more involved and interactive with people right on Facebook as well. For example, I’ve been posting a lot more interesting motivational quotes on my Facebook Motivation page and people have commented. The same with my other Facebook pages in other areas of interest, notably my Native Inuit Art Facebook page, where I share images of artwork almost daily.

In fact, I would much rather interact with people on social media because it’s much more of a community.  Others can see what others have liked and commented on.  This further encourages more interaction.  Comments can also build upon each other.

Such community interaction is impossible when it’s one on one email communication.  Although I use email to deliver announcements and my newsletters, I generally use social media for interactions with my readers.

I tend not to be very interactive on email unless it’s for business communications for upcoming speaking events or other projects which of course should be done in private rather than in a community basis such as Facebook.  Also, the volume of email is just too high to spend much time on non-project interactions.

But for general discussions on the topics of interest between myself and my readers, social media such as my Facebook pages can’t be beat since there is that community feel.  I would encourage all my readers to head towards more interaction either on my Facebook pages or blogs.  Of course, we will have to give Twitter and LinkedIn a shot too!

If you are on my blog, you will see buttons on the sidebar that will go directly to my social media pages.  My Facebook pages in the various topics of interest that I have created so far are as follows;

Motivation Diversity Page

Native and Inuit Art Page

Life With Dogs and Puppies Page

Pharmaceutical Sales Careers Page

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