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End Of My Ski Season

After spending a week out in BC skiing five days at Fernie, Kimberley and Panorama, I was hoping to get in one last local ski day at Blue Mountain.  However, I took off my snow tires prematurely and the day I was to go up to Collingwood ended up with me turning back home due to bad roads from the sudden snow.  So my ski season came to an abrupt end but I still managed to get in a respectable 70 ski days season.

Not only did my ski group grow in terms of numbers of ski students coming out this winter, my own skiing continued to improve since I pushed up the number of training days I had with my own coaches.  Here is the last video from one of my final training days with my coaches and you can hear one of them talk about my ski performance.

In addition to local skiing, I also went out of Ontario to ski as well.  I was among six from my ski group to Owl’s Head in Quebec and Jay Peak in Vermont in February where I ran a two day ski camp for my ski students.  For most of them, this was their first time skiing outside of Ontario.

Then at the end of the season, I went alone to BC to ski five days to end my season.  Here is video footage I took while up high in the mountains of Fernie and Panorama to show my ski students what it’s like out there including the huge mountain ‘bowls’ they have there.  I also captured some paraskiers too.

Spring Hiking Season

The end of my ski season means the start of my spring hiking season.  All of my hiking includes bringing my two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie.  We do longer hikes on the weekend and shorter ones during the middle of the week as a midweek break.  Most of our hikes include my small dogs outings group where other little dogs and their owners come out with us.  Last fall season was very successful and although our dog group is pretty dormant during the colder winter season, we hope to pick up again this spring.  So we will be hiking all spring long until it gets too hot during the summer during the daytime hours when we do more cooler evening hikes.

Spring Fitness Program

With no more skiing, my spring fitness program will look very different compared to my winter schedule that involved 4-5 ski days each week.  What’s different with this new spring program for 2017 compared to previous spring seasons is the inclusion of swimming.

Before, I only swam during the summers when my townhouse complex pool was open.  But I realized just how effective these pool sessions are for my own fitness so I will be including them this spring as well.  Instead of swimming in my outdoor pool which isn’t ready until later in June, I’ll just go to one of my local community centres instead.

Mondays – martial arts forms/kickboxing, stretching

Tuesdays – strength training with weights, super stretch

Wednesdays – pool swim, evening short hike

Thursdays – martial arts weapons/kickboxing, stretching

Fridays – pool swim

Saturdays – morning hike

Sundays – strength training with weights, super stretch

So the above spring fitness program has some nice variety that not only keeps me in shape in terms of both cardiovascular and muscle tone, but also for high flexibility as well as maintain my martial arts skills.   These elements make my personal fitness program very different from general fitness ones.

With the hikes, I’m also able to include my dogs Chester and Roxie for both their physical fitness but also social time with their doggie friends too.  We also do 30 minute walks on our own on other days too although these are not mentioned in the above schedule.

My spring fitness program is scheduled into my calendar with the appropriate daily activity that I’ll be doing from now through to June when my outdoor pool opens up.  At that time, I’ll modify this program into my summer one.

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