Diversity Training Talk A Hit With Human Resources Audience

Perhaps one of the ultimate test audiences from the corporate world is the Human Resources professionals.  I presented my Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success talk to an all HR audience from different companies during their annual general meeting dinner tonight and it received high approval ratings much to my relief.

Diversity is not only a topic which resonates with the human resources crowd, but my speaking program in particular worked well with them.  I also threw in a component from my Life Champion In You motivational talk as well in order to promote both of my key speaking topics and about 40% of the audience went home with copies of my books and CDs.  This was another sign that this talk is working well with the corporate audience.

If you are part of a company or professional association that could use a diversity or motivational program, my speaking programs have now been time tested with success for the corporate audience including human resources.  See their descriptions at the link.

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