How Diversity Activities Can Improve Your Love Life – Motivational WebTV #24

Diversity Activities

People just love talking about love and relationships so today I’m going to do something different and tie in an interesting way to affect your love life in a positive way.  Now, who wouldn’t want some extra tips when it comes to your love life?  In previous episodes of Motivational WebTV, I talked about how the development of skills through diversity activities, i.e., being able to interact effectively with people from all sorts of backgrounds, can help you in your professional life.  This is especially true in diverse working environments.  But what about its effects on your personal or even love life?

This new Motivational WebTV episode will explore diversity activities and it also features live video footage of a section of a talk I did at a big college student leadership conference.  I asked the female students to vote on who they thought would be a more interesting date based on the profiles of two different gentlemen I presented.

The results of the vote will not be surprising but it is still a major confirmation for at least us guys.  It also confirms that one can be perceived as more interesting if one has travelled a bit.

Just so that there is a double standard, I’m sure that we would see the same type of results if the guys in the audience were asked to do a similar vote.  Women with some diversity activity skills who are just a bit more cultured would most likely be considered more interesting to be with.

Audience Participation About Diversity Activities In Love Life

This video continues on the plan that I will produce an episode with some diversity activities every couple of episodes or so for the Motivational WebTV series.  Here is the video;

Share Diversity Activities With Others

I hope you thought that this episode about diversity activities and love life was fun.  If you know others who would also like it (or if you would like to try conducting this vote on your friends), please share this video with them.

Meanwhile, I have to work on my own diversity activities in the form of basic Spanish language to help me prepare for my trip to Havana in about a week.  This trip will certainly  be a good one in terms of exposure to diversity especially since it’s a foreign language country.

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