Classic American Cars Still Running In Cuba

#cars #auto #automobile #chevy #ford — One of the things that really entertained me when I was down in Cuba was watching all the classic American cars from the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s still running.  This was caught on my Havana video in case you missed it as it was part of my diversity content that I occasionally add in my Motivational WebTV series..

Good thing they don’t have winters and the salty roads down there.  This fact and the way they take great care of maintenance, resulted in most of these cars still working.  Sure most of their paintjobs are replaced and apparently according to one of the cab drivers I spoke to in Havana, all of the engines have been replaced by diesel ones.

Among the different classic American cars I saw were lots of Chevys and Fords.  I even saw a few convertibles too.  I saw a few with the classic tail wings in the back as well.

I never did get inside one of them but upon closer inspection of a few parked ones on the roads, the insides of them were in pretty worn shape.  The odd one was spectacular but that was the exception.

These classic cars apparently can’t be sold outside Cuba since they are regarded as national treasures but I have a feeling that once the US trade and travel embargo is lifted, American tourists, particularly the car enthusiasts, will be drooling over these vehicles.  I think that enormous amounts of money will be offered.

It will be interesting to see how the Cubans react to these offers and whether the government will allow any to leave the country.  Sales of these classic American cars will certainly bring in some much needed revenue for sure.

Many of these classic cars run as local taxis but usually for local Cubans.  The way it works is that locals flag them down.  The cabs stop to pick up people and they keep on picking up people until the car is full.  People get off whenever they need to.

One bad thing I didn’t like about these cars is the fumes.  The fumes from these classic cars were so bad that I actually didn’t want to stay outdoors in Havana for too long at a time, especially during the daytime hotter hours.  I’m pretty sure that none of these cars will pass an emissions test!

Again, if you missed my Havana Cuba video, check it out as there are lots of these classic American cars caught on video for your entertainment.

classic american cars cuba havana

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