Caught Winter Olympics Figure Skating Live

My friend Kim, who lives in the Barbados, went to Vancouver in February to catch the Winter Olympics with his wife Jessie (Jessie is originally from Canada while Kim went to Toronto for university).  They were fortunate enough to get tickets to the ladies figure skating finals and saw Canadian skater Joanne Rochette win the bronze medal.

They said that it was a very special moment indeed.  Of course I already featured this Winter Olympics story in a previous blog post and video episode of Motivational WebTV but I could only imagine the magic of being there live.  I’m sure that this is an event that Kim and Jessie will never forget plus the fact that the travel all the way to Vancouver from Barbados was definitely worth the trip.  It’s events and motivational moments like this that can really inspire us in our own lives.

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  • i love to Figure Skate, and this has been my favorite sport ever since i was a kid..`:

  • my girlfriend got a bad sprain during her figure skating routine but she is fine now`*`

  • i would love to do figure skating every week, this has been my hobby and a mild form of exercise for my body :,`