Catching Up On Motivational Videos This Long Weekend

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If you are hoping to do some catching up on motivational videos this long Labour Day weekend, here are links to past episodes of my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV.

Episode 16 – Tour Of US Navy Aircraft Carrier

Episode 15 – Self Improvement From Poolside & Marine Life

Episode 14 – My Threat Against The Iron Chefs

Episode 13 – Live Theatre Actress As My First Guest Star

Episode 12 – Effective Solution For Procrastination

Episode 11 – Multicultural Festival Highlights

Episode 10 – Martial Arts Karate Weapon Teaching You Success

Episode 9 – Your Past And Future

Episode 8 – How Chinese Food Helps Build Relationships

Episode 7 – Best Places To Plan For Success

Episode 6 – Climbing Your Mountain

Episode 5 – Diversity Skills For Success

Episode 4 – Comfort Zone Intro To Achieve Success

Episode 3 – Winter Olympics Motivation

Episode 2 – The Will For Achieving Success

Episode 1 – Sources Of Motivation

Each episode has a duration between 5 and just under 10 minutes.  They touch upon various topics in personal development and success with a few covering the important topic of diversity as well.

There are a few future episodes already ‘in the can’, i.e., completely finished and edited for launch.  We are on track to launch a new episode each week for the near future.

As mentioned in some of the past episodes, if you think that other people would appreciate watching any episode, please refer them to Motivational WebTV.  This is now quite easy to do with the addition of share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.  I want to spread this motivational videos out to help as many people as possible globally since we all have the desire to be successful in common no matter where we live in this world.

Have a safe and wonderful long Labour Day weekend everybody!

Angel Of Light
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ian Sane

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