Canadian Motivational Speaker To Visit Buffalo Again

#buffalo #newyork #canadian —  Canadian motivational speaker yours truly, Clint Cora, is probably going to make another return visit to Buffalo, New York this fall.  After a recent trip to do a diversity talk at Daemen College, there is now interest from the Buffalo area for me to do a Toastmasters event down there.

I have spoken at a Toastmasters district conference in Niagara Falls, New York before and the contacts made there resulted in a few visits to local clubs.  Now, there is talk to get me to come down and do my motivational speech at a club for an open house event which would not only be open to Toastmasters members in Buffalo, but also public which is the general intention.

A Canadian motivational speaker and karate world champion would be a curiosity in Buffalo which would hopefully get a lot of outside guests from the general public to an open house event.  The more outside guests such an event can draw, the more potential new Toastmasters members there would be.

I have done several similar open house type of events in the greater Toronto area with much success resulting in as many as 55 outside guests for local clubs.  This of course resulted in more new members for these clubs and I would only be happy to help out these membership drives.

As a Toronto – Mississauga based Canadian motivational speaker, it would be rather easy for me to get to the Buffalo area for speaking events since it’s only one and a half hours away across the US – Canada border.  As long as there are no traffic congestions at the border, it’s a quick drive down.

I particularly like going down to the Buffalo area to speak since it’s always an opportunity to have more exposure to an audience in the US which could potentially lead to more speaking opportunities down there.  It’s more or less international opportunity since technically as a Canadian motivational speaker, I will be speaking in another country.  Groups in Buffalo and other US cities can always check out my Clint Cora website if interested in having me come down for a speaking event.

Buffalo's City Hall...
Creative Commons License photo credit: decidida

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