Watch Canadian Motivational Speaker Get Bashed In The Face By A Stingray!

Motivation Show With Stingrays

Want to see something really neat and exciting?  Here is an opportunity to learn about an important motivational principle for yourself in an entertaining way today.  How about watching a Canadian motivational speaker get bashed in the face by a big stingray?

Yes, that’s right – in this next motivation show from Clint Cora Motivational WebTV, you get to see yours truly get his face bashed by one of these incredible marine creatures as part of the continuation of scuba diving video footage I want to share with you.  They get more exciting all the time.

Of course, there is a success principle attached to this as it’s another fine example of comfort zone expansion.  This particular dive was at the famous site called Stingray City down near Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean.  It was shot several years ago but now I get to use it as part of another Motivational WebTV episode to show my viewers around the world.

Motivational Speaker Has Fun With Stingrays

Don’t worry, I wasn’t hurt during this unusual encounter with the stingrays.  It was all in fun and maybe a little bit of my own carelessness that resulted in my face getting bashed.  But this did make for exciting if not interesting video footage that’s certainly not expected as a motivation show from a Canadian motivational speaker.

Here is the motivation show video;

More Of Motivational Speaker

If you think this motivation show with the stingrays would be entertaining for others, please share it with them.  I had my face bashed in and at the very least, I want to make it as entertaining as much as possible for as many folks as I can globally.

Your comments of course are always welcome right here in this blog or right at my Canadian Motivational Speaker Facebook page.  Believe it or not, this is not the end of scuba diving video footage from me.  I still have more exciting clips to share for future motivation show episodes of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV.

Thanks for watching this and all past episodes of Motivational WebTV so far.  I hope you are getting something out of them.

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