Canadian Motivational Speaker Shows How To Beat The Winter Blues

It’s Cold Outside For Motivational Speaker

We had our first real cold spells out there the other week.  Even my dogs and this Canadian motivational speaker didn’t want to stay too long outside in the backyard areas as we really felt the cold snap.  But this is usual when the colder temperatures along with grayer skies finally arrive to signal the beginning of winter.

Yes, it’s cold out there and the nights come earlier in the day.  Many people are prone to the winter blues as this is not just a feeling, it’s been scientifically proven that depression can set in easier during winter when there’s a lack of sunshine.

New Immigrants Get Full Blast Of Winter

New immigrants to Canada get their full blast of winter each year and this is especially true for those who came from tropical countries where temperatures seldom dipped below 18 degrees Celcius.  They are going to wonder in January when things get the coldest here, why they came to Canada in the first place.

Many will start to realize that they will just hate it here for 3 to 4 months every single year here for the rest of their lives.  The Canadian winter is just something that they will have to put up with as a price to pay for a hopefully better lifestyle here than what they had back in their home countries.  Or maybe it’s all a sacrifice for the children so that they can get a better future here.

How Canadian Motivational Speaker Beats Winter Blues

You may have heard the phrase, “If you can’t beat them, join them”.  Well, this applies to the Canadian winter as well.  The only way to beat the winter blues here is to join up with winter.  There are many exciting and interesting activities here in Canada that can only be done during winter.

This includes snow skiing, snow boarding, ice skating, snow shoeing, toboganning, sledding, ice fishing and more.  I personally look forward to winter each year as I’m out on the ski slopes two to four days per week all season long.   In fact, I wouldn’t even want to miss one single week of skiing here.

It might sound silly but I would rather stay up here to ski than to go down south to the sunny warm beaches during our winter here.  I can always go down south after the winter when I’ve skied all that I can for the season.

Here’s a previous Clint Cora Motivational Speaker WebTV episode from last winter with some snow skiing video footage to hopefully get the snow sports enthusiasts in the mood and maybe open up some doors for those who haven’t completely embraced winter yet.  Winter is fun if you allow it to be (words you would expect from a Canadian motivational speaker).

Again, mark my words.  If you want to beat the winter blues, you must find a way to enjoy it.  Otherwise, you will absolutely hate three months out of every year here.  That’s no way to live according to this Canadian motivational speaker.

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