Canadian Motivational Speaker Likes iCal Computer Calendars But …

#mac #apple #canadian #calendars #motivational — I really like computer calendars such as the iCal program in my Mac laptop but personally for me, I find it really easy to mess up dates and appointments. For some reason, it’s really easy with a click of a mouse, to enter appointments and other items on the wrong day or time. This Canadian motivational speaker almost messed up an important speaking engagement date because of this.

I drove three hours out of town to a place where I was scheduled to do a speaking engagement and when I got there, the venue staff told me that I was expected the next day. I rechecked my email messages and sure enough, my event was for the next day but for some reason, I had mistakenly entered it incorrectly in my iCal program. So I had to drive three hours back home and will have to do the six hour return trip again tomorrow. At least I didn’t miss my contracted speaking engagement although I now have to postpone something else that I had already scheduled for the next night.  Of course, this Canadian motivational speaker only blames himself for messing up.

This is the first time I messed up a date with iCal but is not the first time I did blunders with a computer electronic calendar. This summer, I showed up for a vet appointment an hour late because I thought that it was for 5 pm when they had me down for 6 pm. Good thing my vet wasn’t busy so I still got in with my dogs. But for some reason, it is easy to mess up with iCal, at least for me.

I didn’t have these date or time mistakes when I was working with a paper based pocket or wall calendar. Maybe because I had to physically write things down and the days of the week are written larger in paper based calendars, it’s harder to mess up.

I’m certainly going to double check all my future appointments and especially speaking engagements I have because this Canadian motivational speaker certainly doesn’t want to mess up a date because of a blunder with a mouse click. In fact, I might cross reference things with an actual wall calendar I usually have in my home office anyway as I still have them since they are decorative. In fact, I will recommend some wall calendars that I like for 2011 soon. In the meantime, if you use iCal or other electronic computer calendars, just be careful not to screw up dates like I have.

looking back on my calendar
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