Canadian Motivational Speaker Interviewed By Radio Cuba

Canadian Motivational Speaker In Cuba

When I was down in Cuba last week, I probably became the first North American style, Canadian motivational speaker as a guest speaker for an audience which consisted of about 50% Cubans.  I was speaking at an international conference on edutourism in Havana during my trip there.  After my motivational speech, I was interviewed by Radio Cuba, the national radio station.

The interviewer spoke mostly Spanish and since I am not Spanish speaking, an interpreter was used during the radio interview – for past Canadian motivational speaker media in English, see my archived radio interviews.  I was asked some interesting questions like what brought me to Cuba and what were my thoughts on the country.  I was also asked about what kinds of martial arts I train in.

Motivational Speaker Didn’t Hold Back

I rarely ‘sugar-coat’ things so when asked about my opinions, I gave them what I thought.  I told them about some of the nice things I saw during my trip like the Havana architecture as well as the scuba diving I did in the western part of the country.  I also talked about what Cuba could improve upon in order to really grow its tourism business.

The Radio Cuba interviewer was using an old cassette player recorder for the interview which I assume the audio will be somehow transferred to the radio broadcast in the future.  I’ll never get to hear the actual broadcast but nevertheless was honoured by being invited to be a part of their national programming.

It was an interesting experience as a Canadian motivational speaker down there.  I think the local Cubans understood my main points from my talk although I doubt that they understood all of my hunour, particularly the winter sports jokes.  But that’s all part of the experience of speaking internationally.  If I ever speak in Latin America again, I’ll probably have to tweek my presentation a bit.

canadian motivational speaker cuba
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