Canadian Motivational Speaker At Same Toronto Venue For Different Groups

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Looks like later in June, there will be a rare case where a Canadian motivational speaker will be booked for two different Toronto groups at the same venue.  Of course, that speaker will be me!

It’s totally ironic but I will be speaking for two totally separate audiences with pretty well the same keynote which will be my signature motivational speech based on my book ‘The Life Champion In You‘.  One group will be a Probus club which consists mainly of retired professionals and they will be having me speak at their monthly meeting during the morning followed by lunch.  The venue will be at the Mississauga Golf and Country Club which is a really nice venue as I’ve spoken there previously for yet another group.

After that group, I’ll probably drive home which will only about ten minutes away.  Talk about really convenient.  I’ll get to rest my voice, workout, take my dogs for a walk and replenish my stock of books and CDs since a few hours later, I’ll be returning back to the same venue for the other group.

The other group also requested a Canadian motivational speaker for their event.  This time, it will be the annual year end banquet for a Rotaract Club which has a membership consisting of mainly young professionals who are in their first few years of their working careers.  Some might still be in the college years.

Both audiences will get my motivational speech but the duration might be slightly different and the emphasis might be different as well since both groups are in different age groups.

But no matter since this will be a good and easy day in regards to travel for this Canadian motivational speaker.  Two different audiences each with about 100 people with the same talk in the same day.

By the way, if you are with an organization based in Canada and especially in the greater Toronto area, there are great benefits in using a Toronto based speaker such as myself.  These benefits are described in Toronto speakers.

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  • Do you hve any link where i can watch out the complete video?

    I love such spiritual and motivational videos as they are helpful in every sense..

  • This is a future date in June. Also, since they are private venues, video probably won’t be shot. However, I have video footage of some live talks at my Multimedia page as well as my Motivational WebTV show which my home page always has the most current episode..