Canadian Inspirational Speaker With Bruce Lee Book

Canadian Inspirational Speaker

When I put on my Canadian inspirational speaker hat (actually business suit since I’m not really a hat person) the other night for a group, I was presented with a nice gift at the end of the evening.  Unlike other gifts I’ve received from event organizers in the past, this one was gift wrapped and they asked me to to open it until I got home.  When I did eventually get home that night and opened it, the gift included a new book called Bruce Lee Jeet June Do.

This is such a great gift.  The event organizer, Melissa, said that she got the idea for a Bruce Lee book for me after seeing my Motivational WebTV episode featuring my video tribute to Bruce Lee.  By the way, if you missed that particular episode, catch it at My Tribute To My Hero Bruce Lee.  So the gift turned out to be a perfect fit for me.

I certainly didn’t expect to get such a special gift.  Sometimes I get Tim Horton’s coffee cards, sometimes gift cards to Chapters book store, a few times a bottle of wine and the odd time, a gas card if I had to drive quite a distance.  I also received a really nice framed piece of artwork photo of a Newfoundland iceberg which I proudly display on my office wall now.  To see this particular artwork, you can catch it at my Motivational WebTV episode where I gave everyone a tour of my personal art collection at home – it’s the Diversity and Art episode.   All of these gifts of course are fully appreciated by this Canadian inspirational speaker.

Audience Appreciation Enough For Inspirational Speaker

In reality, the audience’s appreciation is more than enough for me.  When they tell me that they got something out of my talks and go home feeling a little better as well as inspired, I know that I did my job.  After all, that’s the real purpose of being a Canadian inspirational speaker no matter what season of the year it is.

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Bruce Lee inspirational speaker
Creative Commons License photo credit: Steve Snodgrass

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  • You mention such a great things here and it is always pleassure to read. Hope to hear more and learn from you.