Canadian Business Speaker Presents Two Angles

Canadian Business Speaker

My upcoming engagement as a Canadian business speaker down in Havana, Cuba next month at an international edutourism conference, is a perfect example of how my two particular keynote topics fit in with business in general.

My signature motivational keynote addresses how to motivate oneself as well as others in companies to perform at peak performance levels to improve business.  Of course, the same strategies can be used for personal life as well which is a great bonus.  Happier employees will lead to higher productivity while at the workplace too.

My second keynote topic which is on diversity, also plays an important role in business today.  Since many companies operate in a global market, the development of diversity skills is important for success.  Even for companies who operate only locally, many communities are now so diverse culturally, these firms have to know how to deal effectively even within their own regions.  On top of that, employees within companies can also be quite diverse so people need diversity skills to work effectively with each other internally.

Business Speaker Adaptable

So no matter what industry whether edutourism, financial, industrial or any other sector, as a Canadian business speaker, I can adapt my two keynotes quite easily.  This is also true for any type of staff within companies whether they be in sales, administrative or other departments.

I’m currently in the process of negotiating a possible participation in a pharmaceutical management event in Malaysia for 2011 for example.  Both my motivational and diversity talks of course would be adapted to that industry and to that geographically region as well.

For more details on my two angles for the corporate audience, see my Speaking Programs section at my website.   As a Canadian business speaker, I can present either topic or even both angles for a single event much like what I will be doing next month in Havana.

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