Bruce Lee Was Way Ahead Of His Time

I often talk about going outside the box or expanding one’s comfort zone to achieve more success in any area of life.  My greatest hero, martial arts legend Bruce Lee, was a prime example of going outside the box.  Unknown to many people in the world, Bruce Lee is now considered by many in the martial arts world to be the father of the current mixed martial arts or MMA sports explosion.

Back in his days, Bruce Lee was really the first martial artist to advocate in the training of techniques from different martial arts and fighting styles rather than stick to a traditional martial art.  This was quite revolutionary in his time.  Now, history proves that Bruce Lee was in fact way ahead of his time when he developed his own style of martial art called Jeet Kune Do which is really his way of mixed martial arts.

Since he was going against establishment, Bruce Lee definitely had to go outside his box to develop the concept of mixed martial arts or MMA.  I have a full article which describes Bruce Lee as the father of MMA mixed martial arts.

bruce lee mixed martial arts mma jeet kune do outside the box

Bruce Lee Father Of Mixed Martial Arts

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