Autumn Leaves Represent Personal Growth To Japanese

How Autumn Leaves Are A Big Deal

I recently released a Motivational WebTV episode (my online personal growth video series) featuring the autumn leaves in the woods near my house.  Most of us who live in the North American east coast don’t think twice about the fall seasonal changes in the autumn leaves as they turn from green to red, yellow and orange.  We see this type of change on the trees each year from about October to November and to us, it’s not a big deal.

However, to many people outside of North America, autumn leaves like the ones we see here are a big deal.  They live in countries where the leaves on their trees do not go through such seasonal changes.  They don’t get to see red, yellow or orange autumn leaves and therefore such a natural phenomenon is really special to them.

Japanese Tourists Here Each Fall For Personal Growth

This is why there are lots of Japanese tourists who come to North America’s east cost, especially southern Ontario and Quebec each fall season just to see these autumn leave in real life.  To them, coming here to see these leaves represent a form of personal growth for them.  They don’t get to experience these back in Japan.

They are delighted to take coach buses out each day from their hotels to heavily forested areas near Toronto, Montreal and Quebec to be completely surrounded by trees in fall colours.  The cameras and camcorders are going crazy.

Locals like us who live here may not find our autumn leaves to be much personal growth but they can be if we try.  They really are pretty and to be in the middle of some woods or forests during this time, away from the big cities, can have a positive effect if we allow it.  We often take too many things we already have so close to us for granted without realizing their full potential for personal growth.

If you missed that episode of Motivational WebTV and the beautiful scenery in the woods where I take my dogs walking several times per week from spring through to the fall, catch it at Autumn Leaves Change For Success.

Nijo Castle, Kyoto
Creative Commons License photo credit: shibuya246

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