Another Unexplained One For Dream Interpreters


For Dream Interpreters

So I had another weird dream last night that I am actually able to recall this morning.  In this one, I’m picking up my brother up from school – he’s at his young early grade school age as he usually appears in any of my dreams he’s in even though in real life, he’s now old enough that he’s got young kids of his own.  He’s got on his first pair of plastic frame eyeglasses.

So we are at the subway station since we are taking public transportation back to home (even though we never did in real life as we always went by car).  He bumps into one of his classmates at the subway station and they decide to open up a board game of some type and sit on the floor to start playing it.

I told him that we have to go but he wanted to stay with his friend to play.  He said that I can go back home first and he will take the subway back himself after his game.  But in this dream, he’s never taken the public transit before on his own.

So I asked him if he knew which subway stop to get off and then which bus route to take.  He didn’t know.  I even asked him if he knew what our home address was — he didn’t.

He started to tear up realizing that he’s far from being able to take public transportation on his own yet but blurted out that he’s never allowed to play with his friends.  I guess that’s what happens when a kid ends up going to a private school far away from home each day.

It’s not like there is any local neighbourhood for him and his friends to easily get together and play with each week.  Heck, I still remember my own childhood where one of the neatest things to do when young was to get on the bike and ride over to a friend’s house just minutes away.  My brother didn’t get this opportunity much either in this dream or in real life.

Anyway, I don’t remember any particular ending to this dream but I think I told my brother to stop crying and instead, take out a piece of paper and pen from his knapsack.  I told him to write down all the details of the transit route starting from the name of the subway station we were in as it was the starting point to get home.

I even had him write down how much fare it would cost for the subway ride plus all the stops he would have to past before the final station to transfer to the right bus route.

I finally told him that it wouldn’t be up to me if he could travel on his own.  It would be up to our parents but at least I gave him all the transit details so he could carry them around with them.

That was about the time when I woke up from this yet another unexplained dream.  So if any of you dream interpreters want to take a shot at it, be my guest in the comments section below.

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  • Tracykembrey

    Maybe that you find your brother immature (dare I say?), or you think he needs taking care of on both your journey. Maybe also with him ‘playing games’ with his friend that isn’t part of your community (ie, family group, community group, friendship group or any group that involves ‘both’ you and your brother) you worry to leave him on this journey and you offer advice on how to get to the destination but with the knowing that it was really your parents responsibility to give him the know how to get to where he needs to be…

  • Thanks for your interpretations Tracy. No, I don’t think my brother is immature – in many ways, he’s more mature than I am! The weird thing is that whenever he does make it into any of my dreams, he’s always this little grade school student rather than the adult he is now – and he’s no longer considered ‘young’, even though I’m much older than he is!

  • Tracykembrey

    I had a dream last night about having unkept toenails :/
    I’m fanatical in real life about toenails and like them to look kept and coloured lol.
    Last night I dreamt I was self conscious about the look of my toenails because they were looking uncared for and uncoloured.
    Interested in your input if any 🙂

  • Probably subconsious confirmation of your standards