Always Room For Self Improvement Programs Even In Skiing

Room For Self Improvement Programs

Some of my ski students this past winter were quite surprised when I told them that even as Level 2 ski instructor certified by the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance, the governing body for professional ski instructors here in Canada, I still take ski lessons.  That’s right — I still take ski lessons as a ski student from instructors who are at a more senior level compared to me.  My ski students ask me why I do this.

The thing is that I believe there is always room for growth through self improvement programs of some type whether formally or informally.  By taking ski lessons each year with more senior instructors and coaches and then working on the skills I’ve learned each time I am up on the ski slopes, I improve.  This is my self improvement program as far as skiing goes.

One can do this sort of thing for almost any field out there.  Just be actively part of self improvement programs in your areas of choice on a continuous basis to keep on growing.  You will get better at your areas of interest.

My Own Ski Improvement

My recent Motivational WebTV video with my skiing footage is proof of this.  When I reviewed my own video analysis of my skiing, I noticed that I did improve on my technique this season.  I already felt this self improvement on the ski slopes but the video confirmed it.

Here are the two Motivational WebTV episodes back to back that contain ski video footage.  The first one is from the previous ski season and the second one is the episode just recently released.  You can see me skiing in both videos.

If you watch closely, you will see that my skiing does look better in the second video.  Maybe only ski instructors can really notice this but I’m a bit more fluid and mobile in my ski technique this past season compared to last winter.

Now here’s the more current video.

Can you see the difference? So remember, there’s always room for self improvement!   Feel free to enter your comments below.

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