Advanced Skier Proves That There’s Always More To Learn

I was teaching a fairly advanced skier today who thought she pretty well knew it all in terms of skiing but wanted my opinion of her technique anyway since I’m a Level 2 certified ski instructor.  When I saw her skiing, I immediately identified some pointers that would help her utilize her new parabolic skis much more efficiently that she was currently doing.

She was blown away by the new feelings that she can get from her skis just by some adjustments I made to her timing, stance and movement.  She even yelled out “Hey, look’s like you can teach an old dog new tricks after all!”

She was very happy about discovering new levels in ski technique that she never knew before.  This would open up a new horizon in her skiing for sure as she explores what her new skis can really do for her.

This of course is a great example showing that there is always more to learn in pretty well everything in life if you are open to learning more.  And if you are open to learning, then new possibilities continue to open up for you.  A life lesson learned from the slopes — awesome!

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