A Fun Plug For Motivation Video TV Show

#motivation #motivational #success #selfhelp  —  Here’s a really fun plug for my motivation video TV show by Andrew Mallouk of Orangeville, Ontario.  This is the second video clip featuring him and his classy tuxedo look.

Note that he emphasizes that the Motivational WebTV show as well as many other resources at my Clint Cora website are absolutely free.  These are free motivation reminders that can be helpful to all of us since we all need them on a regular basis.

If you think you don’t need motivation to achieve success, think again next time you catch yourself on a bad day.  Again, no matter how successful we already are, we still need motivation regularly.

Motivation video such as my show provides regular doses or infusions as if they are vitamins to help you grow.  I need them too so these shows are just my part in contributing to the community.

I will be trying to fire up the frequency of new episodes this summer for sure.  There will be some surprises too as I take advantage of interesting sets and locations that I come across.  Also, any other entertaining video footage I get from events I attend may be incorporated into Motivational WebTV as I report on location.

I do encourage feedback and comments after each new episode (as well as past shows that you can view at the motivation video archive).  Comments can be posted in three different locations.

1) At the comment section after each blog post

2) As a comment on my Motivation Facebook page.

3) At the comments section at iTunes for Motivational WebTV

As always, the most current episode is posted on the home page of my Clint Cora website as well as on the multimedia webpage there too.  If you like any of the episodes, please let your friends know about them so that they can benefit too.  I hope my motivation video show will help as many people out there as possible.

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