Real Estate Investing Expert On Motivational Presentation

I finished attending an all weekend bootcamp event by Andrew Skelly. On the Saturday, I was the guest keynote speaker and did my motivational presentation The Life Champion In You. There was a nice mix of attendees including a real estate investing expert, Keith Gordon.

Real estate has always been considered prime investments and with the popularity of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, there has been an increase of interest in real estate investment seminars by experts like Keith.

As one of the audience members of my motivational presenation, Keith took the time to say a few words for me. This is part of what he had to say.

“I found that he really connected with me. He especially helped me with the really difficult problem with how to deal with negative toxic people in my life and how to break through and deal with them. So if you are looking for somebody like that, check out Clint.”

In my talk, I mentioned that it is important to minimize the impact of toxic people in our lives since they can potentially stop us from achieving success. These people are often negative, over-critical and bring many others down. Even if they can’t be avoided completely, we should try to minimize our time with them if possible and instead, spend more time with positive people who will help us to achieve our goals.

Below is a video clip of real estate investing expert Keith Gordon talking about how my motivational presentation helped him.

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